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When I first started writing these things two years ago (wow), I was really hesitant to use the term “Blog,” as that’s always been synonymous with coffee-shop-laptop-opinions hacked out by 80’s yuppie spawn. I eventually sucked it up and embraced the term, though I still cry a little bit on the inside each time I …

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Rage Against The Plant

An open letter to Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant Dear Mr. Plant: Congratulations on your recent Led Zeppelin reunion show in London. Good show, old boy! Sorry I wasn’t there, though it was not for lack of trying, as I made it known that I would’ve done the most ardous of sexual favors to have acquired …

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Final Thoughts

Sorry for the lag in posting. I’m sure all of my fans are dying to hear how everything went, so here goes… Series of events for August 15th, 2007 I woke up at 7 a.m. excited and insanely nervous for my segment on the NBC 10! show (click that link for more info), a Philadelphia version of …

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Parallel Adventures

Last night I saw a pretty interesting show on parallel universes. Basically, modern physicists believe that an infinite number of “parallel” universes exist in another dimension, meaning that right now, an alternate version of you is reading this blog-the only difference is you’re wearing disco pants and living in Cuba. This inspired me to write …

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5 Years

September 11 started as a really kick-ass day for me. I was 19 and a sophomore in college, still living in the dorms. My morning class had been cancelled because the teacher wasn’t feeling well, so I got to sleep in 3 hours. I woke up around 10:30 AM and decided to finish watching The Empire …

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Sweet Dreams

As I write this I am getting ready to crash. Insomnia is fun until you actually get tired, and then you get really, really tired. I thought I’d use this space to brainstorm my ideal dream for tonight. Hopefully it’ll go something like this… BOOOOOOMMMMM!!! “Wow, can’t believe everyone’s dead but me! Good thing I was on …

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Yay Vicodin, Boo Child Killers

I had four wisdom teeth removed this morning. Despite all the hype around this procedure, it was relatively fast and easy and I’m barely in pain. Of course, that could be because of the Vicodin they prescribed me. This stuff rocks, I can see why people get addicted to it. I may have to go back …

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Blast from the past

I found an old page that used to be on my site years ago. It was very juvenile and obscene, and it would really be tasteless to post it on my site now. So I’ll put it here! Ok, here is a sample of the page that was “Rejected Porn Movie Titles.” Riding Ms. Daisy …

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You Know You’re Jealous

Disclaimer: I am drunk Heeey, what’s up? Hey, thanks for stopping by. Let me take you through the series of events that was my thrilling, action-packed Friday evening: 5:00-Began drinking vodka and coke. 6:00-” ” 7:00-” ” 7:30-Rummaged through my porn box and “entertained myself.” 7:35-Took a quick nap. 10:00-Awoke and proceeded to watch “Good …

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Rebel rebel

I got pulled over again!! I ran out after dinner to get gas, and some douche bag cop was hiding next to a stop sign with his lights off (it was dark), and he stopped me for not coming to a “complete stop.” Mind you, this is a back road, and no one stops for …

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