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You Know You’re Jealous

Disclaimer: I am drunk

Heeey, what’s up? Hey, thanks for stopping by. Let me take you through the series of events that was my thrilling, action-packed Friday evening:

5:00-Began drinking vodka and coke.

6:00-” ”

7:00-” ”

7:30-Rummaged through my porn box and “entertained myself.”

7:35-Took a quick nap.

10:00-Awoke and proceeded to watch “Good Night and Good Luck.”

12:00-WaWa hotdog run

Here are some pictures to help you visualize my night:

Thrilling, huh? My day was semi-productive, however, as I started transferring old family VHS films to the more durable DVD format. For the Disney World trip tape, I surfed the internet to locate the exact names of the rides for the chapter titles (I’m a thorough muthaf**ker) and I discovered that the kick-ass ride that was “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” ceased to be in 1994. WTF??? That ride actually made looking at a giant aquarium interesting, and they scratched it for some Lilo & Stitch crap? I was outraged and discovered a web site dedicated to the memory of the ride, located here. It is a little sad, actually. I wish I had that much free time.

Anyway, Hank sent me a link you may enjoy, unless you were born after 1983, then you’ll have absolutely no idea what the hell is going on. Peace, bitches.



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