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Gotham Comedy Club Performance

Appearance on Philadelphia’s The 10! Show

Short Films

Entered into the 2006 Howard Stern Short Film Festival

 “Homin’ With the Homeless” is a new reality show where realtor Steve Jenson and his fiance have to live with a demented homeless man for one month. Steve is a nice guy, but can he keep his cool long enough to win the grand prize?

2007 low-budget short by Dead Dog View Productions


It’s the day after Jake’s birthday bash, and he’s about to learn that his roommates have rented a woman’s “services” for the day. Jake is reluctant, as the mere sight of an attractive woman causes him to hyperventilate.

Kate is a young lady trying to make a difference by raising money for her church youth group. However, she is quickly learning that people are hesitant to give away money…unless they get something in return. A simple case of mistaken identity leads the two lost souls to a meeting they won’t soon forget.



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