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Hello world!

Just changed everything over to WordPress. This page is going to look sad for awhile. If you can still see a stock photo pic of a pine cone at the top of the page then you know I still have no idea what I am doing. Check back soon(ish)! -Justin  

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Deep Thoughts

On the way home from work today, I got to thinking “What ever happened to the Pink Ranger, Amy Jo Johnson? She was pretty hot.” I heard she had got into porn, but I wasn’t sure. So I stopped by¬†amyjojohnson.com. She’s a singer now. Also, she’s older than I thought. I was thinking late 20′s, …

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Colin Farrell’s “Sex Tape” Review

Nicole Narain (left) and Colin Farrell (far right) star in the controversial tape Colin Farrel‘s “Sex Tape” comes at a time when our society has developed a blase attitude toward celebrity sex video endouvers, unlike times past where a raunchy video could land you in real trouble (i.e. Rob Lowe). Known for his leading roles …

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The Flu-A Viral Pansy

I’d forgotten how rough the flu can be, as it’s been about eight years since I’ve had it. Simply put: The Flu is a dick. Though it only lasts a few days, it causes horrible misery, and really cramps your social life. And it’s totally pointless. I mean, what does this virus hope to accomplish? …

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